Welcome to Cafe Med

Cafe Med in Deerfield, Florida

The Taste of Tradition

For Italians around the world, mealtime is family time – when generous portions of delicious food, lively conversation and timeless traditions get passed around the table, and from one generation to the next.

Food is love and at Cafe Med, that passion is expressed in
an exciting blend of Old World traditions and New World flair.

The origins of our time-tested recipes and authentic ingredients can be traced from the shores of the Mediterranean to the shops of Arthur Avenue, “The Real Little Italy” of the Bronx, New York.

For generations, the family-owned bakeries, butcher shops and restaurants of Arthur Avenue have been where those in the know go for the best Italian breads, pastas, meats, sausages, pastries, espresso machines, and more. We proudly source many of these ingredients, to which our chefs add a creative South Florida flair.

So come, gather round and enjoy a delicious taste of tradition, from our family to yours.